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*World Cup, 2230 Corriere Rd, Easton, PA*
All cheerleaders registered for the 2023 season are expected to attend along with their parent(s)!

The weekend of June 22-23, 2024

Flags:      9:00 - 9:45
Jr. Peewee:      9:45 - 10:30
Peewee:      10:30 - 11:15
JV/V Gameday:     11:15 - 12:00
JV/V COMP:     12:00 - 12:45

*If you AND your cheerleader ABSOLUTELY cannot make your scheduled time, please email Alisha Bailey to discuss if it is possible to make alternate arrangements*

  • The second half of each meeting will be about competition
  • Work Bond/ Equipment Bond will be collected at this time; checks will not be cashed if work bond is completed and equipment is handed in
  • Lottery and Bingo Tickets will be handed out at this time (Paid for along with registration)
The Nazareth Army and Navy will be our accessories supplier again this year. Please reach out with any questions prior to placing your order!
If you need to try on any of the accessories, please stop by The Nazareth Army and Navy during regular business hours.
  • All accessories' orders must be placed via the online Nazareth Clippers Cheer 2024 by June 1st! 
  • The accessory store will close at midnight on June 1st. NO EXCEPTIONS  can be made! This deadline is put in place so we have our accessories in time for the season.
  •  MANDATORY ITEMS FROM ARMY NAVY: Warm up jacket, Black Midriff and Black Boy Cut Bloomers.
  • Girls may wear any all-white CHEER sneakers (subject to coach approval), white NO SHOW socks and a black racer back or crossed-strap sports bra or tank top, clear rain jacket
  • If you have any lightly used accessories you would like to donate, please post them in Clipper Cheer Chatter on Facebook for others to claim.
** As always, THE CHEER BAG IS NOT MANDATORY! Cheerleaders can use any bag/backpack that can be zipped for their cheer bag.
**BABY BOWS DO NOT NEED TO ORDER ANY ACCESSORIES; however, feel free to order anything you want to purchase for them!

Work Bond/ Equipment Bond/Lottery:
Checks (made out to NCAA or Nazareth Clippers) will be collected at Parent Meeting/ Uniform handout, checks will not be cashed if work bond is completed and equipment is handed in. 
Lottery and Bingo tickets will be handed out at this time (paid for along with registration).

Baby Bows will have a brief meeting and receive their t-shirts, shorts and bow on the first day of practice.

Attendance is mandatory for all practices, games and Clipper events. Cheer is a team sport and if even one cheerleader is missing, it impacts the entire team! As always, practice will be every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from August 5-August 22, and attendance at all three weeks of practice will be a consideration when deciding our competition teams. Girls interested in competing are strongly encouraged to attend our Cheer Chaos Kick-Off Camp, and attendance at the NHS Cheer Clinic is mandatory for all competition teams.
  • If your cheerleader is missing from a stunt we must replace her for the stunt to go up. We will not allow stunting without adequate practice; it is simply not safe! 
  • If your cheerleader is not there to learn the dance, the coaches can’t completely re-teach it when she returns, or the routine will NEVER be complete.
  • Our cheerleaders need to be at practice to learn the cheers they will do on the sidelines - we can learn a lot of cheers over three weeks of practice, but only if the girls are there!
Competition Teams:
I am EXTREMELY excited for the competition season this year after our great Comp season last year, and I hope you all are as well! Our 2023 competition teams made us all very PROUD! We plan to compete in 5 UCA ACCREDITED competitions this year. We NEED indoor practice space which gets very expensive. My goal is to keep your fees at a minimum. Since we want our girls to continue to have the same things as they did last year, all comp girls will need to participate in our Competition fundraiser. 
If you completely finish the fundraiser, you will pay NO COMP FEES, receive your COMP BOW FOR FREE, your COMP PRACTICE GEAR FOR FREE and a SPECIAL COVER UP JERSEY FOR FREE! You will not be able to purchase the Comp cover up, you must earn it! You will only earn the cover up by COMPLETELY filling the calendar. Partial calendars or submitting the $150 fee will not earn you the cover up.
Competition will be by invitation only; invitations will be extended based on the following criteria: 
6U and 8U Criteria:
  • Commitment and attendance during the previous comp season and game day practices
  • Your cheerleader’s interest and ability to fully participate in practice with minimal distractions. If your daughter needs to be redirected continuously or expresses lack of interest during August practices, she will not be able to make it through a LOOONG comp day with just her coaches and teammates.
12U and 10U Criteria:
  • Commitment and attendance during the previous comp season and game day practices
  • Your cheerleader’s interest and ability to fully participate in practice with minimal distractions.
  • Level of skill and ability to cheer, dance, stunt, tumble and jump as assessed during our Competition Team try-out (weekend of June 22-23)
Competition is SO rewarding for these girls and shows them that hard work pays off, however, it is a BIG commitment! With that being said if you cannot commit to all practices and competitions, please do not take a spot on the competition team.

A Note from Coach Alisha: 
There will be many exciting opportunities for your daughter this season: Stunt Clinics at World Cup (Sunday mornings starting in May), UCA Cheer Camp at Wilson (July 15, 16 and 17), Cheer Chaos Kick-off Camp (July 30, 31 and August 1), NHS High School Clinic (August 10), Youth Night at The NHS Stadium (Date TBD), Coca-Cola Park Performance (Sept. 20), Nazareth Halloween Parade (October 19), Cheer Competitions and much more! Most of these events are not mandatory (but strongly encouraged!) and come with additional fees that are not Clipper fees. Please keep an eye on your emails for additional updates and join us on our Clipper Cheer Chatter Facebook Group (link below).

Clipper Cheer Chatter Facebook Group:

Please email the Clippers Cheerleading Commissioner
Alisha Bailey with any questions. We look forward to seeing you in July!

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