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Lehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League By-Laws

The organization shall be known as the LEHIGH VALLEY YOUTH LACROSSE LEAGUE (LVYLL).


The purpose of this organization shall be to promote and supervise competition among league members.


The organization shall consist of the following elected officers, who will also comprise the EXECUTIVE BOARD:

1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer

The positions will be two year term. The president and Secretary will be voted on odd years and the Vice President and Treasurer on even years. No more than two terms. Nominations will occur at the October meeting and the election for officer(s) will occur at the November meeting.


A. The (9) founding teams are considered charter members. The charter organizations are listed in alphabetical order:

1. Bethlehem Township
2. EastonMiddleSchool
3. Forks
5. Nazareth
6. Palmer
7. Saucon Valley
8. Southern Lehigh
9. SPA

B. Membership Types
1. Members are to considered either

a. FullMember
A. Voting rights

A. By Laws – full
B. New Members - full

Lehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League By Laws

C. Rules - full
b. Probationary Member(Newteam)

A. Voting Rights
A. By Laws – not applicable

B. New Members – not applicable C. Rules – commencing on year two

C. Each organization desiring membership in the league must, upon acceptance, submit a non-refundable entry fee. Treasurer will review against projected cost of playoffs to ensure it meets the budgetary needs of the league.

  1. All Members, Full and Probationary, shall submit a non-refundable fee yearly by January meeting.

  2. AllMembers,FullandProbationary,mustparticipateinleaguefunctionsasprovided for in the by-laws. Failure to do so subjects an organization to possible revocation of membership.

  3. All Members must participate on one of the Committees listed in Section 6 below.

  4. Any new organization desiring membership into the league must be voted on by the charter members and will be decided by a simple majority.

    1. All new organizations will be on probation for a period of one(1) year after they have met the requirements under Section 4(F)(3) listed below.

    2. New organizations will not attain voting rights until their probationary period is served. See paragraph 4(B) for schedule of probation.

    3. New organizations must field at least two of the four age groups,U9,U11, U13 and U15, by the start of year three.

    4. Probationary Members have no vote in matters involving other probationary Members.

    5. All organizations are responsible for the actions of all players,coaches,and fans of their Organization.

    6. If an organization is unable to field 2 of the 4 age groups by year three,a vote will be taken to continue its Probationary Membership.

  5. Any team or organization acting in an unruly or unsportsmanlike manner may be placed on probation for a period of time designated by the membership.

    1. All complaints will be directed to the Executive Board.

    2. The Executive Board will investigate each complaint and report to the membership at the next meeting.

    3. Fines may be-levied against the Member Organization violations of Section 5(G) of these By-Laws.

    4. All fines referred to in Section5(G)(3) above will be proposed by the executive committee and approved by a vote of all Members at a regular monthly meeting.


A. Regular monthly meetings will be held on the second (2ND) Tuesday of every month of the year except for July, August and September.

Lehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League By Laws

  1. The league secretary shall contact the league representatives of the date, time, and location of the next meeting at least five (5) days prior to the date of each league meeting. Meetings will start at7 pm. The Executive Board can change monthly meeting dates or initiate teleconference as alternative to meeting.

  2. A fine shall be assessed to any member organization that misses a league meeting. If this fine is not paid at or before the next regularly scheduled meeting, the organization will lose its right to vote on all league business until such fines are paid.

  3. Any organization missing two (2) consecutive meetings will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the league. Disciplinary action will be decided by a league vote.

1. When any organization has missed a meeting,the league secretary shall promptly forward a letter to the listed team representative and to the president of the team’s sponsoring organization advising them that if they are not present at the next league meeting on (date, time, place), they may be dropped from the league membership.

  1. The league President shall be in charge of the league meetings at all times(inthe President's absence, the Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President).

    1. Only the league representative or the alternate representative(1vote per organization which has attained voting status) will have the power to make a motion or to vote. The President shall have the tie-breaking vote.

    2. Any new business must be submitted by the league or alternateleague representative in writing to the Executive Board prior to the meeting.

  2. A fifty percent (50%) quorum of the eligible voting members is required to transact business at all league meetings.

  3. A centrally located meeting place shall be used for all league meetings or teleconference.

  4. The President and the executive committee will submit a budget at the December meeting that will include the following:

    1. The annual fee for Members
    2. The annual fee for Probationary Members  3. The fee for New Members 4. The fine for members missing meetings 5. The dates for monthly meetings

  5. Team information sheets for each organization in the league shall be submitted to the league secretary prior to the January meeting of the current year. Failure to do so will result in a monthly fine until it's completed. An email address and telephone numbers must be provided for the following individuals:

    1. League and alternate league representative 2. Board members


A. APPOINTMENTS. All teams are eligible to be members of the committees. The Executive Board shall take nominations for each committee at the October meeting and make appointments no later than the December Meeting.

Lehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League By Laws

  1. COMPETITION COMMITTEE. The purpose of the competition committee is all matters regarding competition, rules, equipment, conduct, referee performance and all other appropriate activities will be supervised by the committee. The committee shall consist of 4-6 members and the President shall cast the tie breaking vote.

  2. SCHEDULING COMMITTEE. The function of the scheduling committee is to schedule games, playoffs and referee coordination. The committee shall consist of 4-6 members and the President shall cast the tie breaking vote.

  3. AUDITING COMMITTEE. This committee shall meet for the sole purpose of auditing the treasurer’s books and give a final report at the October meeting. The committee shall consist of 2-4 members and the President shall cast the tie breaking vote.

  4. ADVISORY COMMITTEE. The Executive Board shall appoint this committee in a time of need. This committee shall be made up of five (5) people whom the Executive Board feels will take the best interest of the league and the youth into consideration when making a decision. These members can be, for example, past coaches, past officers, teachers, or other people of the community who are interested and involved with the youth in some way.


    Should the league ever disband, all money and property accumulated by the league, until that time, shall be held for a period of one (1) year. If the league is not reorganized and does dissolve then, upon the dissolution of the corporation, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by a Court of competent jurisdiction of the county in which the principal office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purposes or to such organization or organizations, as said Court shall determine, which are organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.

  2. BY-LAWS

    1. Amendments to the by-laws may be made when 1/3 of the organizations present in writing, propose the change. The proposed change will be read at three (3) meetings and shall be voted on at the third meeting. A majority of the organizations present and voting to include the change in these by-laws.

    2. The executive Board, at its sole discretion, will decide on the course of action on any rules not covered by these by-laws.


ehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League Game Rules

The LVYLL follows the most recent addition of the NFHS/US Lacrosse Youth Boys Rule Book. The following game rules represent additions not covered in the rule book and clarifications to specific rules.


  1. Players whose residence lies within the general school district or township boundaries of a LVYLL Lacrosse Club must play for that organization.

  2. Recruiting of players from other districts, townships or clubs is prohibited, including other leagues.

  3. If a player attends a school with an established lacrosse program at the player’s age level, the player must be released by that school’s lacrosse representative before seeking to play for another program.

  4. Clubs may carry players from areas that do not offer boys youth lacrosse.

  5. Exceptionswouldbeforaplayerreleasedbythelocalprogram.

  6. Players cannot play both youth & high school/club.

G. Clubs will submit an annual fee to the League (“League Dues”). The amount of the League Dues and the payment date for the League Dues will be determined by the Executive Committee each year. A $25 per month late payment fee will be assessed against each Club that has not paid its League Dues in full by the payment date.

  1. Playing on both the “A” and “B” squad is permitted as long as the following is adhered to:

    1. 1)  The spirit of allowing the players to play both “A” and “B” is in order to fill rosters to permit more kids to play. It is not to allow your top players t “A” to dominate at “B”.

    2. 2)  Players should be rostered on both teams from the beginning of the year.

      a. AnychangesneedtobesenttotheleagueASAP.

    3. 3)  Players must be age eligible to participate in their specific level, unless league exceptions are granted. Ages are defined according to current NFHS/USLacrosse guidelines

    4. 4)  Age Verification:

      1. Programcoordinators/coacheswillattesttotheadherenceof US Lacrosse age specifications for their respective programs.

      2. Playersareallowedtobedoublerostered,aslongastheymeet age requirements and “A” and “B” requirements.

      3. If found in violation, ineligible players and their respective coaches will be suspended for 10 games and the suspension will carry over to the subsequent season.

  2. Players cannot roster for two different programs in the same year.

  3. By March 30 of each season, each team, excluding those teams at the U9 and U7 levels, shall submit formal rosters to the League Secretary for distribution to the rest of the league. Each teams’ roster shall include each players’ name and jersey number. Additionally, each ‘A’ level team shall designate, at minimum, seven (7)

Lehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League Rules

players who are not eligible to play for that program’s ‘B’ level team at the same age level.

A) Tie Games

1) Any U-13 or U-15 game in which the score is tied at the end of regulation time shall be followed by, at most, two (2) four (4) minute sudden death overtime period.

2) Any U-11 game in which the score is tied at the end of regulation time shall be followed by one (1) four (4) minute sudden death overtime period.

3) If the score is tied at the end of the four (4) minute overtime period or periods, the game shall end in a tie score.

4) There will be no overtime period for U-9 games. B. EQUIPMENT


a. All players must wear jerseys of the same color & have a unique number on the back.

b. U.S. Lacrosse Rule 1-9g.5, requiring that “[t]he jersey shall completely cover the shoulder pads,” is waived.

2) PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT – As defined by NFHS rulebook a. Metal Cleats: NO TYPES ARE ALLOWED.


a. U.S. Lacrosse Rule 4-3n, requiring “[a] single wrap of tape must be applied to the handle of the crosse for any player taking a faceoff. The tape is to begin (but not touching) the plastic at the throat of the crosse and continuing 6 inches down the handle. Tape must be contrasting in color to the head, gloves and shaft,” is adopted at the U-13 and U-15 levels.


Substitution rules will follow current NFHS guidelines with the following exceptions:

  1. 1)  U9 and U11 may substitute upon any stoppage of play

  2. 2)  The officials can allow minor substitution violations at the U9 and


U11 levels as long as the officials do not feel a competitive advantage results.

  1. Example1:Ifplayerentersfieldbeforeanotherplayerfully exits field, but no “numbers” advantage occurs

  2. Example2:Playerexitsfieldonwrongsideofthemidfield line, but has no direct influence on the gameplay(i.e. interference)

1) The goal differential to enforce the Mercy Rule is as follows: a. U9 and U11 4 Goals
b. U13 5Goals

Lehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League Rules

c. U15 6 Goals

2) A team that falls behind by at least the designated goals above shall be awarded a free clear (possession without a face-off) to begin play. If the lead is reduced to below the designated number of goals, play shall resume with a face-off at mid-field. Regardless of the score and regardless of which team shall have been in possession of the ball at the end of the preceding quarter, each quarter shall begin with a face- off.

3) The team that is behind shall have the option of waiving Rule II.D.2 during regular season games. NO MERCY RULE during playoff games.

4) If any team is ahead by 12 or more goals at any point during the second half, a running clock will be instituted. If at any point during the second half, the score differential drops below 12 goals, the stop- time clock will resume.

5) If Rule II.D.4 is in effect, the team that is ahead must also play one man down.


1) The Head Coach is the only team member permitted to speak to the officials.

2) Special attention shall be given by officials and coaches to unsportsmanlike conduct by a player or players whether on the field or on the sideline and/or unsportsmanlike conduct by any coach or spectator.

3) Obscene language or obscene gestures shall result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and game expulsion.


  1. U9’s will play using eight players on the field; one goalie, two defensemen, three midfielders, and two attack men. If a team does not have a goalie they will play only seven players and have the option of using a “blocker” or other agreed upon means of goal protection.

  2. Before a goal can be scored, the ball must be made “hot”. For the ball to be hot, one pass must be initiated and caught in the team’s offensive half of the field. The ball is still hot after a missed shot or if the ball goes to ground. If the defense gains possession or a goal is scored, the ball is no longer hot, and another pass must be completed.


A. LVYLL adheres to NFHS and PLA rules and regulations. LVYLL will not tolerate fighting or disrespectful behavior in any manner towards spectators, opponents, coaches and officials. Each Member Team is expected to maintain strong sportsmanship standards. Failure to do so will result in the following:

1) COACH and PLAYER: a. Ejection #1:

Lehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League Rules


1. Player = Suspension from next league game.

2. Coach = Immediate suspension from any and all games occurring in the subsequent 24 hours as well as the next game in the age group at which the suspension occurred.

b. Ejection #2 - Disqualification from League play for remainder of season, disqualification from any playoffs and the matter will be referred to the Rules committee for review by the League at the next league meeting

  1. The league shall appoint an assignor, who shall assign US lacrosse and/or PIAA officials as listed in Section (b) below

  2. The official’s fees are as follows 1) U9:OneMan-$30

    2) U11:OneMan-$75TwoMan-$50each 3) U13:OneMan-$80TwoMan-$55each 4) U15:OneMan-$85TwoMan-$60each

  3. If an official is not given 2 hours pregame notification of a cancelled game, he/she will be paid half of regular pay. If the game cancellation is due to no-show on the part of one of the teams, then the no-show team will pay the official.


  1. Field conditions are up to the home team.

  2. Home team coaches must advise visiting team’s coaches at least two (2) hours before the game in regards to postponements.

  3. If the visiting team is not so advised, they shall assume the game is to be played. The home team shall also advise the officials accordingly.

  4. In the event that a game cannot be completed due to inclement weather and the first half has been completed, the score at the time of the stoppage will stand as the final result.

  5. Makeupgamesmustberescheduledwithintwoweeksofthecancellation.Both clubs, the league scheduler and the referee assignor must agree on the make-up date before the game can be officially scheduled with the league.


A. If any violation of these league rules is suspected, a protest may be submitted to the league President.

Lehigh Valley Youth Lacrosse League Rules

B. The league representative or the head coach must submit this protest in writing within seventy-two (72) hours of the infraction.

C. If it is the ruling of the league that a team has violated these league rules, the following penalties shall be imposed as well as others.

1. Foraviolationthataffectsasinglegame:lossofthegame.

2. Foraviolationthataffectsmorethanonegame:lossofeachgameinwhich the violation occurred. For example: ineligible players, incomplete rosters, etc.


A. Trophies will be given to the post-season league playoff champions

B. Trophies for league playoff champions will be presented at the conclusion of the championship game.

A: The following will be reported by the winning coach/program in no later than 7

days after a contest.
1. Final Score
2. Any player ejections including team, player name and jersey number
3. Any foul outs including team, player name and jersey number 

B: Failure to report in allotted time will result in forfeiture of contest
C: In the event of a tie, home team reports. 

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