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Nazareth Clippers Softball
has partnered with PushSave® to raise money for our organization.  We need new catchers equipment, field work and we want to certify our coaches! Do not worry – we have made it EASY for you! Requirement:  10 PushSaves per athlete!


What is PushSave?

PushSave is a customized mobile coupon book created by each individual supporter.

Every customer you have gets to SELECT the businesses that are available in their area and surrounding areas to add to their mobile book. Every customer will have the opportunity to save hundreds of $$!!

Your customers will have 3 options to support you:

CREATE a mobile coupon book 
GIFT a mobile coupon book

What is the Ask?

To hit our fundraising goal, we are asking each family to sell 10 PushSaves. We would like you to sell more if you can, but only requiring 10.  We need everyone to create their Fundraising Account by March 26th.  It will take about 32 seconds please do it ASAP!!

How do I Sign Up?

click here

Watch Video.  Click ‘ Click to join Fundraiser’

  1.  Click “I am a parent or guardian”. Fill out form with first and last name, email and password.

  2. Enter your athlete’s name and register them as a seller.  If you have multiple athletes, you can add them here.

  3. Click join.

  4. Click on your athlete’s name to see the dashboard.  Watch the video for instructions.

How do I Promote and Sell My 10?

Once your athlete’s dashboard is set up it will have a unique link that identifies them as the seller.  From your athlete’s dashboard send a text or email, post on FB or post on Twitter.  You can also copy a link or print a flyer.  Start selling!

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